The number of people getting falsely accused is increasing every day. It is a matter of concern how innocent people are getting punished for the drugs they have never committed. It is a challenge for the entire nation to identify between a false and a genuine accusation. But by the time, people suffering from the allegations should know that they can fight with it and win the case if they are truthful and honest, just like Marcio Garcia de Andrade.

Yes, Marcio is a legitimate businessman who believes in hardwork and dedication. He is a man who spends most of his time in professional work. He has little time to look after his personal life. This is the story of how he falsely gets accused of throwing an unauthorized party by his neighbors and fights against the allegations to prove himself innocent.

Marcio Garcia de Andrade – Falsely Accused of hosting an unauthorized party in his apartment that disturbed his neighbors. But the truth is that his girlfriend organized the party in his absence. He was out of the country for a business meeting when his girlfriend arranged the party, and the noise made the neighbors feel irritated and uneasy. Therefore, the neighbors together decided to throw him out of the building.

 They tried to fulfill their purpose by falsely accusing him of throwing this party despite knowing the truth. They connected with the press to make false statements against him to spoil his reputation. They were not interested in the fact but wanted Marcio Garcia de Andrade to be out of the property.

Marcio Andrade got disturbed by all the false accusations. His reputation in the market that he had made with years of hard work got spoiled with a few untrue statements. All the things impacted him seriously, but he did not lose hope. He is a man of self-esteem and hence, decided to stand against the odds. Soon he started to get evidence for people at the party. Many people who already knew him closely came in his support as these allegations were similar to a joke to them. And with all his courage and fearlessness, he proved himself innocent in the eyes of law.

 Today, Marcio Andrade is living a dignified life gracefully. He is an inspiration to many such people who are afraid of fighting against the wrong allegations made against them. We all should learn from him and take a step towards change, a change for the betterment of society.

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