Did you know that almost half of all small businesses do not use social media? Even more troubling, an additional 25{a60cde90d0a956a12615dcd3915002774af8cc356afef0cc2fa1d78d805fa1f4} of small enterprises do not anticipate adding it in the future. While adding another task to your plate as a small business owner may seem onerous, failing to use social media means missing out on possible clients, customers, and revenue. Alternatively, you can simply hire an agency that offers affordable social media management.

Here are five reasons you should reassess your social media strategy as a small business owner;

1.   It establishes brand familiarity

People buy from well-known brands and enterprises. The more brand awareness you can create, the better. Social networking is a simple and effective tool to raise brand awareness. You can get your brand in front of people far faster and easier with a simple post on Facebook or Instagram than you can with traditional marketing. Social media also brings people’s attention to your business even when they aren’t actively considering your services or products.

2.   You can tell your brand story

People are more likely to buy from businesses with which they identify, and telling your brand’s narrative is the most effective method. Share testimonials from customers who have used your product or service. Investigate how and why you established your company. Share the experiences of your company’s employees. People are more inclined to select you over the competition if they can form human relationships with your brand.

3.   It’s an excellent tool for client service

Have you ever sent a tweet or a Facebook message to a company? Social media is a fantastic way to extend your client service. People can quickly post a remark or send you a message to get an answer to their query or have a complaint addressed. It can also help you design a new customer acquisition funnel as a bonus. People are more inclined to contact you if they see you communicating with others on social media.

4.   You can increase the amount of traffic to your website

Social media is an excellent technique to attract traffic to your website. While search engine optimization should always be a priority, social media is a far speedier approach to attract people to visit your company’s website. You can make a content calendar with precise calls to action that direct visitors to the pages on your site that you want them to see. It’s an excellent approach to broaden your inbound traffic and encourage more people to discover more about your company.

5.   Establish yourself as a thought leader

Establishing yourself as an authority is one of the most undervalued advantages of social media for small businesses. No one knows your company better than you. Act the part! Create pieces that discuss your industry, explain why your services are superior to those offered by competitors, and provide an inside look at what your company is doing to better serve clients.

Social networking may be a powerful marketing tool for your company. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to manage another aspect of your firm.

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