In recent years, scooters have surged in popularity in India for their affordability and user-friendly design. Yet, with the rise of technologically advanced models, costs increase as manufacturers integrate the latest features. Despite the emergence of electric scooters, high-end scooters in India persist, with some models now rivalling the prices of bikes.

Importance Of Bike Insurance

Before delving into the list of the priciest scooters, it is crucial to highlight the importance of obtaining appropriate bike insurance. Having valid third-party bike insurance is not only a legal requirement when driving on Indian roads but also essential for safeguarding your finances in the event of a traffic accident.

Insurance providers offer convenient online options for purchasing two-wheeler insurance, including own damage, third-party, or comprehensive coverage. If you are wondering how to check the expiry date of your bike insurance online, you can easily check it by visiting your Bajaj Allianz website or using their mobile app. The process is simple, ensuring quick policy delivery and easy Bajaj Allianz bike insurance renewal. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy. *

India’s Most Expensive Scooters

  1. Aprilia SR 150

The Aprilia SR 150 is a stylish option among the most expensive scooters in India. Boasting a fantastic design, it offers excellent handling with features like an underbone chassis, stiff suspension, and 14-inch wheels. Safety is enhanced with the inclusion of ABS, which is crucial for navigating Indian roads.

  1. Hero Electric Photon

Electric scooters are considered among the priciest due to the cost of their batteries. The Hero Electric Photon, powered by a lithium-ion battery, stands out in this category. It offers practicality with a range of up to 80 km in economy mode and 50 km in power mode.

  1. Vespa Elegante 150

Vespa’s Elegante 150 is a luxurious option for those seeking the priciest scooters in India. With a retro-style design, this scooter has a two-piece leather seat, a tinted fly screen, and a metal perimeter guard. The 150 cc engine generates substantial power, making it a visually appealing and performance-driven choice.

  1. Okinawa i-Praise

Okinawa’s i-Praise offers a blend of luxury and advanced features. GPS maintenance, geofencing, SOS alerts, and a battery health monitoring system cater to those looking for a high-tech experience. The scooter’s 1000-watt motor, coupled with a lithium-ion battery, allows for an impressive travel range of 160 to 180 km on a full charge.

  1. Ather 450

Ather 450 holds the distinction of being the priciest scooter available in India. Developed by a Bengaluru-based startup, this scooter features a DC motor producing 20.5 Nm of torque. Its range of 55 to 75 km on a full charge, combined with a front-mounted touch-screen display for navigation, makes it an appealing choice for those seeking a posh scooter.

India’s Most Expensive Scooter Prices

Hero Electric Photon: ₹86,990

Aprilia SR 150: ₹84,110

Vespa Elegante 150: ₹1,12,000

Okinawa i-Praise: ₹1,15,000

Ather 450: ₹1,22,000

Choosing these priciest scooters ultimately depends on individual preferences and budget considerations. Additionally, obtaining suitable bike insurance is crucial alongside purchasing a scooter, and insurance providers offer a streamlined online process for comparing and selecting policies.

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